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When you drop by EFC at 1251 North Broadway, Suite C, Edmond, OK, you will be greeted by one of our friendly, helpful receptionists. She will not only answer any questions you have but also provide you with an intake packet and make an intake session appointment for you. She will accept your $20 nonrefundable intake fee and provide you with a receipt.

What is an intake packet ?

An intake packet is a collection of forms which will provide EFC with some basic information about your interest in services.

What do I need to bring to my intake appointment?

Please bring proof of income, in the form of the past year's federal tax return, an IEP Transmittal Letter (if applicable), or proof of state custody. An individual or family becomes a client of EFC when all necessary paperwork is provided and the intake and orientation session is completed with the EFC Intake Counselor.

Who needs to attend the intake appointment?

All individuals age ten or older who are to be involved in the counseling process must be present at the intake session.

What if I cannot make my intake appointment?

Please contact our office to cancel your appointment. This will allow another individual or family to access services. Thank you for your consideration.

What is going to happen during the intake session?

You may be at EFC as a result of a referral from another source or because you personally contacted us. Regardless of how you came to this agency, the intake session is aimed at getting acquainted and assessing your needs based on your own presenting concerns or goals. Our Intake Counselor will be helping you to determine in what specific areas you wish to work. You may be referred to EFC or to another organization if services needed or desired are not available at our agency. The goal of the intake session is to help you assess your situation and determine an appropriate, positive course of action.

What is going to happen after the intake session?

After your intake appointment is completed, your information will be reviewed by our team to find the best counselor for you and your presenting concern. The counselor chosen will contact you within a week to make an appointment.

Can I refuse services?

If you have been referred here by another agency or entity (the court, DHS, your attorney, your employer, your schools, etc.), you might think that you are not free to refuse services. Please understand that regardless of the reason you are at EFC, you do have the right to refuse services. Any obligation you have with another entity does not change the voluntary nature of our programs. Be aware, also, that we have the right to refuse services to individuals that we do not think will benefit from our services or are in need of another level or type of service.

How much will it cost?

Costs for counseling sessions at EFC are currently as follows: for children ages 7-17, the cost is based on a sliding scale. For adult services, the cost is $55-$125 per session. Sessions may be weekly, every other week, or some other arrangement made between therapist and client/clients. We currently do not accept private insurance or SoonerCare. However, some clients do choose to file for reimbursement through their health insurance provider.

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