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"What lies behind us and what lies in front of us pales in comparison to what lies within us."

Edmond Family Counseling is honored to be a part of the process as people seek to explore and bring about changes in their life. Life is a remarkable adventure, a process of growth and development. Hope is the force within us that draws us to seek to know one another and ourselves.

Edmond Family Counseling is a prominent professional resource for counseling in Edmond and surrounding areas. Our mission is to help our clients thrive throughout each stage of their life development. As a community partner, we work closely with area agencies, schools, public and private, as well as with employers to meet the needs of our growing, changing population.

Edmond Family Counseling is committed to providing counseling and educational programs to individuals, families, and groups in Edmond and surrounding communities.

We serve as a professional referral source for Edmond schools, churches, Edmond Juvenile Court, area health clinics, hospitals, and other civic organizations in the area.


A new GirlStrong session is starting at EFC.  26-Jun-2015

New GirlStrong Group starting August 25th. Small group for middle school age girls. Make friends and learn tips for dealing with life. Meets Tuesdays 5:00pm-6:00pm. Included topics: Cell Phones Internet Boys Body Image Goal Setting Friendships Click HERE for more information. (/girlstrong)..

What Happens If I Get a DUI?  17-Feb-2015

By Helen Strickland, LPC, LADC, LADA Google DUI in Oklahoma and the vast majority of what you find are thinly veiled solicitations from lawyers who would love to help you through this troubling time. Undoubtedly, most are providing vital legal counsel. Certainly, most people aren’t planning on being charged with D.U.I.. In Oklahoma, th..

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